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The Exposure Triangle

Start to juggle three balls - what could possibly go wrong?
I don't know how you felt about it, or do feel about it, but that's how I experienced the thought of shooting fully manual for the first time.

Why Start with Landscape Photography

I'm a photographer, and that to me means that I try to capture everything that I find interesting, and in the case of stock photography, subjects that sell. I love capturing images of people, predominantly through portraiture, but also by enjoying the challenges of street photography. So if I list types of photography and the first two on the list include people, why do I always tell newcomers to start with landscape photography? Is it because it's easier?


Look up RAW v Jpeg on the internet or YouTube, and there are as many opinions about the subject as any political issue. It's one of photography's great debates. So why shouldn't I put in my two pennies worth?

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